General Session

The Doctrine of Sin


This session is aimed to aid listeners to appreciate what the Bible teaches about sin, within the context of the conference's theme - holiness.


Rev. Rodgers Atwebembeire is the Eastern Africa Regional Director of the Africa Centre for Apologetics Research (ACFAR), a ministry equipping believers in Africa for the defense of the faith, biblical discernment and cult evangelism. He is also the pastor of New City Community Church – a reformed Presbyterian Church in Kampala, Uganda. Rodgers lectures at several theological institutions on African Church history, Apologetics and New Religious Movements as well as serving on several Boards of like-minded para-church organizations.

Rodgers has a passion to expose error and exposit the scriptures, guiding others into a proper understanding of God’s word with the goal of developing discerning disciples for Christ that are able to defend their faith. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology with Apologetics at North-West University (Potchefstroom), South Africa. Rodgers is married to Prossie Musiimenta and together they have one biological son and two foster daughters.


Rodgers Atwebembeire

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The aim of the session is to show how a Christian can live out their love for God at work - in both their theology and practice of it.





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