Missionaries or Colonialists

The focus of this session is to evaluate the history of missionary activity in East Africa, and how that correlates with colonial activity. Many Africans are now turning back to their cultural religions, believing that the ‘white man’ introduced Christianity as a tool to control us. Is there any genuine historical warrant for this view? And how do we separate the actions of the colonialists from those of the missionaries?


Allan Muchiri is a pastor at AIC Ngong Road, and a lecturer at Africa International University, where he teaches the history of Christianity. He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree and a Master of Arts degree in Church History. He also assists the Africa Inland Mission with the orientation of their new missionaries. He is married and has three children.

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Allan Muchiri

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Fidel Nyikuri

The aim of the Session is to show the urgency of the condition of fallen man, and thus help us understand the gravity of the call we have received to take the blessed news of Christ to them.