General Session

How Beautiful are the Feet that bring Good News!

The focus of this session is placing ourselves in the history of missions. As the African church, we have gotten used to receiving missionaries, but we have not grown to see ourselves as mandated to send them out ourselves. Many of us have not considered going out because we think that other people will do the work.


Ken Mbugua is the senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Nairobi, Kenya, and the Managing Director of Ekklesia Africa which promotes biblical resources for building healthy churches. Ken is married to Arlette and they have two children.

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Ken Mbugua

Next Session

This workshop will show us how we can think about our areas of training and gifting as tools that can get us into contexts that would otherwise be hostile to the preaching of the gospel.




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Lawrence Muiruri

This session explores the reality that there is a unique temptation towards pornography in the Mission field.




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Mike Christ